De Sinaasappelaere - De Appelaere
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De Sinaasappelaere

De Sinaasappelaere is a one hundred percent pure juice that tastes as if it’s just been pressed, whatever the time of year. Unique about our Sinaasappelaere is that the juice is not being diluted with water, and contains just pure juice from the oranges. The oranges for our Sinaasappelaere grow in sun-drenched countries and are pressed there too. The juice isn’t diluted or filtered. This gives the juice its cloudy consistency and full-flavoured, scrumptious taste.

As it is pasteurised (brief heating) De Sinaasappelaere is non-perishable and can be kept for at least two years outside of the fridge in a sealed bottle. This facilitates optimum retention of taste and quality. De Sinaasappelaere is naturally a rich source of Vitamin C. It supports your immune system and the preservation of strong teeth and bones.

Sinaasappelaere is cooled at its best and comes in 75, 33 and 20 cl glass bottles.

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