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Our team



Angelique van Hecke

  • Hardworking financial all-rounder
  • Friendly chatterbox
  • Loves walking along the shore of Zeeland
  • Favorites: Appelaere en Sinaasappelaere



Tessa Rijckaert

  • Logistics
  • Fond of planning and making lists
  • Curious explorer
  • Favorite: Perelaere



Amber Buzeijn

  • Sales, marketing and communication
  • Always cheery on the road
  • Sporty holidaymaker and loves to go out
  • Favorite: Perelaere pure and a fan of cocktails with all Appelaere variations



Carlo de Smit



Jorn van Rompaye



Janine Tazelaar

  • Management, general director
  • Owner
  • Loves decorating her home
  • Favorite: Appelaere (as well when used as a base for surprising mocktails and cocktails)



Carin Tazelaar

  • Owner
  • Loves spending time with her family
  • Favorite from the start: Appelaere, but Druivelaere has become a real compertitor!



Henk Tazelaar

  • Founder of De Appelaere
  • A real Burgundian
  • Drinks Sinaasappelaere for breakfast every day!