De Perelaere - De Appelaere
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De Perelaere

De Perelaere is a pure, unsweetened, additive-free pear juice. Its mild taste derives from specially selected pear cultivars from the Netherlands. Miniscule pieces of fruit pulp give the juice its cloudy, characteristic consistency.

Once picked the sun-ripened pears are carefully selected and washed. The pears are finely crushed and pressed. De Perelaere comes in a sealed bottle and as it is pasteurised (brief heating) it is non-perishable and can be kept for at least two years outside of the fridge. Its unique taste is retained, as are the natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements. De Perelaere is a well-balanced thirst-quencher and energy booster. The juice is rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and vitamin K. Vitamin C supports your immune system, blood vessels and the preservation of strong bones. In addition, vitamin C contributes to a well-functioning nervous system and boosts your energy.

Perelaere is cooled at its best and comes in 75, 33 and 20 cl glass bottles.

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