Sustainability & Engaged - De Appelaere
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De Appelaere abides by sustainable production; bearing the planet, and the people on it, in mind. That starts with the tree and finishes when our bottles of juice are with the consumer.

The fruits for Appelaere, Perelaere, Druivelaere and Sinaasappelaere are cultivated in an environmentally-friendly way and are immediately processed once picked. By-products are re-used. The pulp waste is converted into vitamin-rich animal feed.

We only use recyclable packaging material. Our fruit juices come in glass bottles. That means they stay pure and delicious! The bottles are transported in crates and boxes. The crates can be re-used time and again. The (presentation) boxes are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited cardboard.

Our fruit juices make their way to the consumer via wholesale. That’s the shortest route, and as such, beneficial for the environment.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental component in our business operations. If we have an opportunity to outsource a share of our activities to reintegration companies or sheltered workshops, we grab that opportunity with both hands. Moreover, we regularly contribute to good causes, sports clubs, associations, schools and cultural events.