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For companies

Are you in the hospitality business or do you own a (specialist) shop? By selecting Appelaere, Perelaere, Druivelaere and Sinaasappelaere you’re choosing something really special! Your customers will appreciate the fact they can buy our products from you.

Our fruit juices are loved by young and old alike. Children see them as a fruity, healthy treat. Adults enjoy our products as a refreshing, well-balanced snack, yet also as a delicious alternative to an aperitif, for example.

In short, De Appelaere comprises a versatile addition to your product range. Our products boast a unique look&feel and fit seamlessly into our present-day, healthy lifestyle.

For the hospitality sector

Our fruit juices are sold via wholesale. Would you like to advertise the fact that you sell De Appelaere? We have a range of promotional material, e.g. glasses, coasters, posters and leaflets. If you are interested, please contact us.